In 1936, Victor Hugo Green published the first annual volume of The Negro Motorist Green-Book, later renamed The Negro Travelers' Green Book. He was the eldest of three children of Alice A. and William H. Green. The people react on Twitter to "Green Book" winning Best Picture at last night's Academy Awards.

Publisher Victor Hugo Green, a black mail carrier in New York with a seventh-grade education, said he’d come to the idea while observing a Jewish … He was an African American postal employee and publisher.

And they are not happy. His family moved, and he grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey. *Victor Green was born on this date in 1892. In 1913, Green began […] Back in 1936, during the most racially restrictive period of segregation in the United States, a Harlem man named Victor Hugo Green began publishing a slim, pocket-sized travel guide for black Americans.. Green, a postal worker by trade, had observed the nation’s burgeoning car culture and surmised that some black people with the means to own an automobile would want to get out on the …
In 1936, Victor Hugo Green created the first issue of “The Green Book,” a guide that lists black-owned and black-friendly businesses. CANDACY TAYLOR REMEMBERS BEING enraged and saddened by her stepfather's story. Though regarded in France as one of that country’s greatest poets, he is better known abroad for such novels as Notre-Dame de Paris (1831) and Les Miserables (1862). Skip to content ... and its developer Victor Hugo Green. Victor Hugo, poet, novelist, and dramatist who was the most important of the French Romantic writers. Born in Manhattan, New York City, Victor Hugo Green was named for the noted French author. Victor Hugo is a celebrated French Romantic author best known for his poetry and his novels, including 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' and 'Les Misérables.'