Get blog updates. Enlightened Guitars – 6 pounds or less! I am a fifty-six year old amateur, still taking lessons, but before this my main guitar was an '84 American Strat, so I had a top quality guitar to compare others against. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at

View Collection. New Michael Kelly Guitars for 2017! Michael Kelly Guitars Stage Phoenix. So Michael Kelly Guitars was born. TLC-Shaped Guitar. Body Shape: Choose from four favorites! Most popular Michael Kelly Guitars Guitars products (44) Michael Kelly Guitars Triple 50. Michael was only 6 and Kelly 3 at the time. Michael Kelly Guitars …

STC-Shaped Guitar. Get Email Updates Get special offers. By Chris Gill 13 July 2017. Great deals on Michael Kelly Electric Guitars. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Michael Kelly Guitars. 473K likes. Michael Kelly Guitars Custom Collection 50 Deluxe . TLC-Shaped Guitar. View Acoustics. I knew if I named the brand after them, I would never be OK with anything less than great. Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar. My daughter, Kelly, would tell you now that a better name would have been Kelly Michael Guitars… Electric Acoustic one guitar. If there is one common bond at Michael Kelly, from the musicians that play our products to the people we employ, is a rare passion – a passion for quality Review: Michael Kelly Guitars Hybrid 55.

Help us choose a bass headstock! Michael Kelly Guitars 1953. View Collection Michael Kelly Guitars 1963. 30% Lighter With no loss in tone. Tags.

I bought my Michael Kelly Patriot Custom Electric Guitar about a month ago when Amazon had it on sale. TLC-Shaped Guitar. Sound Port Technology Available Now.