My roles changes multiple times and I … At 170 metres in height, Tour Odeon is not just the tallest building in Monaco, it also includes the … | FINEST INTERNATIONAL The most expensive penthouse in the world. Tour Odeon, a twin high-rise condo project built by Groupe Marzocco SAM on Monaco's Mediterranean coastline will set a new world record penthouse sales price when their 5-story penthouse sells for an estimated $400 million plus price tag. The Tour Odéon project has involved a very large number of people, but the real story of the building is that of the literally thousands of people who have brought it to completion. Rising majestically above the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea and the captivating Principality of Monaco, Tour Odéon takes luxurious living to dazzling new heights. Conçue par une équipe ambitieuse et visionnaire – Groupe Marzocco, promoteur, Alexandre Giraldi, architecte, Alberto Pinto, décorateur – la double tour a été livrée en 2015. Besides being a tax-haven and playground of the world's rich and famous for decades, Monaco will soon have a new title: home to the world's most expensive condo. Érigée majestueusement face à la mer Méditerranée, surplombant la Principauté de Monaco, la Tour Odéon élève l’art de vivre à un niveau de luxe inégalé.

La Tour Odéon, du haut de ses 170 mètres, en est la meilleure illustration. Elle s’ouvre sur la mer comme le Groupe s’ouvre sur l’avenir, confiant, porté par la créativité et la rigueur de ses dirigeants et de ses collaborateurs pour construire ce qui est, avant tout, une histoire d’hommes. For further into, please reach out to the team at La double tour a été conçue par le Groupe Marzocco, l’architecte Alexandre Giraldi et le cabinet Alberto Pinto. TOUR ODEON. ft. (3,300 sq. A combination of high-end … Après le chantier de la Tour Odéon, le Groupe Marzocco s’engage de nouveau dans un projet d’envergure : Testimonio II. Tour Odéon is taking residential property to new heights. Name: Tour Odeon Tower – Sky Penthouse Price: Estimated at $387 Million USD (Forbes – May 2013) Size: 35,500 sq. From the very outset, the Groupe Marzocco worked with the Monaco architect Alexandre Giraldi, and the final form of the Tour Odéon is a testimony to his talents. Tour Odeon of Monaco rises majestically above the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea and the captivating Principality of Monaco, Tour Odeon takes the luxury real estate in Monaco to new heights. Située dans le quartier de La Rousse, la tour Odéon est un immeuble de 170 mètres de haut pour 49 étages développant 70 000 m 2 environ en superstructure et 30 000 m 2 en infrastructure. La Tour Odéon, symbole de l’incomparable art de vivre monégasque. We organize interactive tours on weekdays (Monday-Tuesday / Thursday-Friday) by appointment only. Tour Odeon is the tallest and most luxurious building in Monaco. Second highest building at European Meditarranean after Benidorm Grand Hotel Bali. Click and contact us today for a private visit of the last two apartments for rent or sale. Most recent breathtaking new skyscraper in Monaco to make it finally compete with Dubai sky-piercing candles with 170 meters of height. Should you be traveling by car, please click HERE to view the map, and see the below details for Taxi, Transfer, and public transit services.. Accademia del Caffè Espresso It represents a new standard and a new era for Monaco. TOUR ODEON / MARZOCCO. The project was done from 2010 to 2012 at The Seventh Art in New York.