Canada also has ten Primary Reserve brigades (Canadian brigade group, CBG), 31 CBG through 39 CBG, and 41 CBG. Usage notes . More sympathy for career criminals from the bleeding-heart brigade! All motorcycle patrolmen were commissioned officers. The 600-member Traffic Police administered traffic law. (A modern général de brigade is referred to occasionally as brigadier.) The brigade was a section of the General Police Corps (CGP). a work brigade; a fire brigade Military unit composed of several regiments (or battalions) and including soldiers from different arms of service. The Brigade de répression du proxénétisme (BRP) is a judicial police service of the French National Police, responsible for the surveillance of prostitution and the repression of procuring. A group of people who share views or beliefs. Only officers of this force normally carried sidearms. Regarder Brigade roller, Police nationale, partie 1 sur Dailymotion Partagez vos vidéos. brigade (plural brigades) A group of people organized for a common purpose. The La Paz Departmental Police also had an Explosives Brigade (Brigada de Explosivos), which was subordinate to the Fire Corps.
Directed by René Gilson. The service has had various forms of organization during course of its history. With Brigitte Fossey, Edward Wojtaszek, Jean Bouise, Marcel Cuvelier.

Regular Force CMBG strengths are 5,000 personnel. The Political-Social Brigade (Spanish: Brigada Político-Social, BPS), officially the Social Investigation Brigade (Spanish: Brigada de Investigación Social, BSI), was a secret police in Francoist Spain in charge of persecuting and repressing opposition movements. A dangerous mission is given away to Marie and Aldo: they have to recover dynamite in an old abandoned mine. The Feminine Police Brigade During WWII, in a North of France town occupied by German forces, a group of volunteer resistance fighters, snipers and partisans from Poland fight with efficiency. ... Co-located with each CMBG is a field ambulance, and a tactical helicopter squadron, and a military police platoon.