With thousands of investigations to their credit, they reveal what actually breaks the peace in haunted houses and how it can happen to you. It didn’t take Ed and Lorraine Warren to land their next high-profile case. Lorraine Warren, to medium. The real life Ed and Lorraine Warren.

After being discharged from the U.S. Navy after World War II, Ed Warren was an itinerant house and sign painter traveling around New England. Widzi i słyszy to, czego zwykli ludzie … Kobieta szybko zaprzyjaźniła się z nim i wkrótce okazało się, że mają ze sobą więcej wspólnego, niż sądzili. Ed and Lorraine Warren are considered America's foremost experts on demonology and exorcism. Don't miss the Warrens in the blockbuster film The Conjuring. While the Perron Family served as the inspiration behind the the film The Conjuring, the Warrens saw it as a very real and terrifying situation..

In January 1971, the Perron Family – Carolyn and Roger, and their five daughters – moved to a large Farmhouse in Harrisville, R.I. Lorraine Warren / Lorraine Rita Moran (ur.31.01.1927) Ed poznał ją w wieku 16 lat.

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Of the allegations, THR report in the 1960s, Ed Warren initiated a relationship with an underage girl, now in her 70s, called Judith Penney. In a sworn statement from Penney obtained by THR, it’s believed Lorraine knew of the affair. Real world paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren explained how to see if your house happens to be haunted according to their knowledge. News Film & Television