Models are in good agreement the potential for further strengthening is there, […] Cyclone Belna to Make Landfall in Madagascar, Comoros - Reports. Yet another potentially monster cyclone is developing further in the West Indian Ocean – Tropical cyclone #Belna. Belna qui se renforce devrait devenir un cyclone tropical au cours des prochaines 24h. Sa trajectoire est potentiellement menaçante pour Mayotte, les Comores et Madagascar qui sont en alerte. Initially the Mayotte government had evacuated some of their quarter-of-a-million inhabitants and told locals to stock up on water. Cyclone Names. List of Names of Storms/Cyclones to be used in the South-West Indian Ocean during Cyclone Season 2019-2020 The system is currently packing maximum sustained winds of 85 knots / 100 mph / 160 km/h with a central pressure around 974 mbar and strengthening. Cyclone Belna was a strong tropical cyclone that made landfall over northwestern Madagascar in December 2019, becoming the first to do so since Hellen in 2014.Belna's precursor—an initially broad trough of low pressure west of Seychelles—was formally designated as a zone of disturbed weather on 2 December during a favourable period for tropical cyclogenesis in the Indian Ocean.