Experience the thrill of free falling or embark on a fascinating expedition on the turquoise waters of the Riveria.

Monitor your condition and bring all the medication you need when you visit the Bora Parc. Show.
Be prepared! 3 consecutive days access to the Bora Parc; A 5$ card for the Digital Games Room; 10% off at our boutiques; 25% off on the thermal experience at the Aroma Spa; Price per person $99 00. Discover our indoor water park available all the year for your biggest pleasure.

Loading, please wait... VVVip Summer - 3 days unlimited. Heat and Humidity. Strollers are allowed at the Bora Parc. Souhaitant faire rayonner la construction de l'hôtel, du spa et du nouveau parc aquatique intérieur, le Village Vacances Valcartier a donné à Graph Synergie le mandat de créer des images et une vidéo à la hauteur de sa vision. Come rain or shine, anyone who loves water, speed and adventure will enjoy a day at Bora Parc, a tropical paradise located near Québec City. Bora Parc - Indoor Waterpark.
Bora Parc videos and latest news articles; GlobalNews.ca your source for the latest news on Bora Parc . The warm temperature and the high humidity inside the Bora Parc can bother some people suffering from lung problems (asthma, a cold, bronchitis, etc.). Our Bora Parc offers wave pool, different water slides and surf sessions.